Finding Flow in Your Dev Environment

Before my last day at LinkedIn I went to the Apple store in Grand Central to buy a new laptop. In my five years as a professional software developer I never had a personal laptop. I purchased a 15 inch MacBook pro with a 2.6GHZ 6-Core processor and 512 GB of storage. I already have a dotfiles repository so I can setup a new computer quickly and get back to work.

My Method For Prioritizing What To Learn

Lately I’ve been suffering from information overload. It’s the WWDC 2016 videos and my backlog of blog posts to read and tools to try out. It’s all the newletters I subscribe to and books I’m trying to finish. It’s focusing on iOS development vs exposing myself to other languages and platforms. For iOS development it makes sense to watch as many WWDC videos as I can. However, as a well rounded software developer, understading git under the hood is a solid investment of my time.